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The mission of "The Cyber Shop" is to be a customer-oriented company providing world-class quality, delivery and service of value-added design & machined products across the industrial, automotive, telecommunication, aerospace, medical and private sector markets. 

Current & Past Customers 

Guitar Builders (Luthiers) 

2007 - present

Customers include:
Guyton Guitar, Carpinteri Guitar (CQuadro Guitarworks), RS Custom Guitar, AnderMay Guitar, Dansan Guitar, Diquattro Guitar, Mahoney Guitar and many individual Luthiers around the world.

Custom Automotive & Motorcycle Parts 

2001 - present 

Engineering, Design, and Machining for the "After-Market" Automotive and Motorcycle Industry. 

Customers include: 

NoviTec Industries, Rhino Motorcycles, Indian Motorcycles, Big Dog Motorcycles, Rivco, Red Horse, Bob Diess and Carpenter Creek Motorcycle Parts. 

Industrial Manufacturing Support 

1997 - present 

The Cyber Shop also provides outside Engineering, Design & Machining for local and regional Manufacturing plants. Services include reverse-engineering for existing machine parts that have either worn out or become damaged. These parts are often parts that are no longer available through the OEM. 

Services include: 

Consulting for better machine design or modifications to increase productivity and/or improvement in product quality all resulting in a more efficient workforce and improved workflow. 

Customers include: 

Kolemba Industries, CIS Inc., Stoody Company, Dana Corporation, Nashville Wire, NIC Global Manufacturing Solutions, CNC Automation, Ace Machine, and Active Tennessee 

Contract Manufacturing 

1997 - present 

Services include: 

Contracted Engineering & CAD Design, CNC Programming & Machining of customer parts.


Customers include: 

ITWDynatec, GoPro, Inc., Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Consortium, MaxMobility, Naval Sea Systems Command, NaCam, Quebecor, Numatics Actuator, RC Components, Tech Equipment, Bolt Tech and Tomcat, USA 

Fixturing, Tooling & Die Design 

1997 - present 


The Cyber Shop is your one-stop location for Fixturing, Tooling and Die Design. 

Services include: 

Contracted Engineering & CAD Design, CNC Programming & Machining.. 

Customers include: 

Sumner Tool & Die, Fuqua Tool & Die, NoviTec Industries, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Automatika, Chandler Engineering, T & D Tool, and H & H Tool Shop.


The Cyber Shop is looking to VET a few Internationally established Luthiers interested in becoming an authorized seller of Cyber Shop Parts, Build Kits and Assemblies. Preferably, one in the UK and the other in Italy and Australia.

The Cyber Shop can keep you stocked with 2-4 RS Bridge Assemblies, RS Tremolo Assemblies, Knife Edge & Bolt Block Kits, Control Knob, and Strap Button Sets and much more...

(if interested contact me via our Contact Page)


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