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***Roller & Bridge Block Installation***

Proper Roller & Anvil Installation Press Anvil into desired position as shown. NEVER press Rollers directly!!!

The Cyber Shop's
'Snap-In' 2pc. Roller/Anvil Design

The purpose for the 2-pc Roller & Anvil design is the address a few of the drawbacks associated with the 1-pc design. 1-pc Rollers are wonderful until you break a string. Often you lose your Roller. For the Roller to free spin, the slots are slightly larger than the shaft. This which lets the Roller fall out because the string is the only thing holding the Roller in the Roller Bridge Block. With the 2-pc Roller/Anvil design, the Anvil snaps into a precision-machined slot allowing for a slight press-fit. The Roller now can spin freely about the Anvil.

Read this BEFORE installing your 2 pc. Rollers

Roller Install_01.JPG

***NEW*** Our Exclusive ‘TruRadius’ Roller Bridge Assemblies

TruRadius' Roller Bridge.jpg

The Cyber Shop's
'TruRadius' Roller Bridge

Our newest innovation to the ‘Traditional’ Roller Bridge design. While keeping with the overall original design, our ‘Tru-Radius’ Roller Bridge Blocks are designed to maintain the TruRadius of the neck. All our Roller Bridge Assemblies will now have our ‘TruRadius' Bridge Blocks.

What is a TruRadius’ Bridge Block?

Proper Roller Bridge Installation ***Read Carefully***

  • As we all know, the bottom of the strings should follow the radius of the neck as closely as possible. The original design of the ‘stair-stepped’ Roller Blocks, got you close, but to get the string at that perfect radius, one had to shim individual Blocks to ‘fine-tune’ the String Radius.

  • But not anymore!!! Our Roller Bridge Blocks are each machined to and exact height, in conjunction with the string, as it sits at the bottom of each Roller’s 0.8mm groove for strings 1 thru 5, and as the String sits just on top of the Roller groove on the 6th String.

  • One now has a Roller Bridge that ALWAYS has a ‘TruRadius’ with the Neck. No more shimming individual Blocks. To set the action, all one must do is use the solid shims provided with each Assembly

  • Now you know what a ‘TruRadius’ Bridge is, it’s very simple, but extremely important!!! Each Block is numbered on the bottom Just be mindful to install the Blocks in the proper order on the guitar. Example: #1 Block – High-E, #6 Block – Low-E

'TruRadius' Bridge Block Identification

TruRadius Bridge Numbers.jpg
White on Transparent.png
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