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As of March 1st, 2021, RSConversions, will be expanding its services to our friends across the pond. Woody will be working with Fern Evergreen Guitars in the UK, to perform both partial, and full conversions, on Burns and BMG guitars.


Be assured, Fern will be using only the finest parts and plastics crafted by RSConversions, and The Cyber Shop, to guarantee the conversions are made with the same care, and attention to detail, these amazing guitars deserve. To ensure the quality, accuracy, and craftmanship, “No one else’s parts will be used in these conversions.”


Woody will be working closely with Fern during the startup. Under Woody’s supervision, guidance, and knowledge, Fern will be performing the conversions, step-by-step, using the same methods Woody has developed, and will be using the same templates, and tooling Woody uses. Fern will be supplying the labor only. The customer will be suppling the parts they have bought through RSConversions, or we can ship them directly to Fern if the customer wishes. Fern can also perform other guitar related tasks such as zero fret replacement, fretwork, and minor repairs. Fern can be reached at:

In other news…

Woody, and RS Conversions will be taking over all RS parts sales for The Cyber Shop and will be our only authorized distributor. Starting March 1st, all correspondence and request for genuine, RS guitar parts made by The Cyber Shop, should be directed to Woody and RSConversions.

Whether you are doing a full traditional build, or converting a Guild, Burns, or BMG, contact Woody for parts breakdown and/or a setup for your conversion, at:


Parts & Plastics for a “full” conversion: USD $590.00 and Labor USD $450.00



Labor: USD $480.00, which is roughly, £347.00 GBP (fluctuating exchange rate)

Please feel free to reach out to me, Woody, or Fern, with any questions you may have. RSConversions, Fern Evergreen Guitars, and The Cyber Shop are excited about this new venture of expanding our services overseas for all RS guitar enthusiast.


Ron Smith

Owner and General Manager

The Cyber Shop/RS Custom Machine

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