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  • What is the Tier System?
    How to determine what your Tier Level is: Tier 1: (6+) builds/year (20% off) Tier 2: (2-5) builds/year (15% off) Tier 3: (1) build/year (10% off) Tier 4: Repeat customer (5% or $5.00 off, whichever is highest) Tier 5: New customer ($5.00 off, with minimum order of $50.00)
  • Do you machine custom parts for other brands of guitars?
    Yes! "The Cyber Shop", is the online sales division of RS Custom Machine. RS Custom Machine is a privately owned, contract Manufacturing and Design company. Founded in 1997, we offer prototype, non-production, as well as, short and long-run production to meet all your machining needs. Selling a wide range of products both domestically & Internationally, "The Cyber Shop" is here for you. Capabilities include Manual machining, CNC Milling & Turning, Screw Machine, WEDM, Laser, Water-jet, Fabrication, Assembly, Anodizing, Plating and Polishing. Whatever your machining and design projects are, "The Cyber Shop" is your one-stop solution!
  • Can I order directly via email or do I have to order from the Website?
    Yes! 1) Send your request for quote to: Be sure to give me a detailed list of the parts you are looking for and don't forget to add your shipping address. 2) I will send you a itemized quote for your parts. Instructions on how to order and make payments on the last page of the quote. 3) If the quote is satisfactory, once payment is made, your order is processed. You will receive a "Paid-in-Full" Invoice for your records 4) Once your order is complete you will receive a shipping notice and Tracking Information. We try and keep our shelves stocked but we are a machine shop and not a retail store. Some parts may need to be machined or are already in the machining process.
  • I want to convert my BMG, Guild, or Burns guitar. Do you provide those services?"
    The Cyber Shop is in a working partnership with Woody Thomas owner of "RSConversions". We try and keep RS Conversions well stocked with all the parts needed for full conversions. Woody is a well respected member of the RS community and his work is unsurpassed. RS Conversions is the ONLY authorized seller of Cyber Shop parts and/or assemblies. We keep Woody stocked with: RS Conversion Tremolo Assemblies RS Roller Bridge Assemblies RS Control Knobs RS Strap Buttons Switch Plates Control Plates Rollers (one-piece and two-piece design) Conversion Tremolo Arms (for Wilkinson Bridges) Potentiometer Extenders 6BA Hank-Rivets and 6BA Cheeshead Screws Traditional Knife Edge and Bolt Block Sets and more...
  • I don't see my question? What do I do?
    Go to our Contact Page and submit a form. We will get back with you ASAP! Typically within less than 10 mins.
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